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"Is Your Child Lonely? Do they Suffer From Social Anxiety Or Have Trouble Getting Along With Other Children?
 Do You Wish It Were Easier For Your Child to Make Friends Who Support Them And Have A Positive Influence?"


New research shows that all likeable children behave in certain ways. These skills are not in-born but can be taught by parents, teachers and other caring adults. There is a language of likeability that some children cannot pick up by osmosis, but must learn. Not only does fitting and having friends feel good, it has numerous other advantages such as; better grades, healthier bodies, less stress, stay in school longer, make wiser choices concerning dangerous practices, more opportunities to learn social skills etc.


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These are life skills that can be created by increased self-esteem, new friends, supportive peer groups, and the ability to confidently interact with others in this world.

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The Left Out Child - The Importance of Friendship

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